Managed Services Wollongong – Fixed Fee

Make it easy to manage your IT budget and get unlimited support, systems monitored and all for a set price each month. Contact us about how our IT managed services support can help proactively stop problems and keep you and your staff working.

Break-Fix IT Tech Support

If your company’s IT servers and systems are running pretty smoothly and you feel they don’t need much in the way of IT Support, then we can still assist with our break-fix or ad-hoc reactive IT Support. Simply pay by the hour for your IT service.

Network & Server Audits

Are you experiencing continual problems or simply general slowness in the office? We can help with professional checklist based network, infrastructure and server audits that identify problems and then we can recommend the necessary solutions – in many cases it’s such an easy fix.

Disaster Recovery & Backups

Are you totally confident that your data is being properly backed up? What would happen if there was a flood, fire or theft and your server was gone? Can you trust that your backups are working? We ensure as part of our service that a regular test recovery is performed to ensure data is being backed up and you are safe from data loss worries.

Cloud Solutions & Virtualisation

Cloud is fast becoming a big deal on the corporate IT landscape. But with so many solutions being pushed, what is best for you? We can assist you in making plans to consolidate IT resources and in many case to save on IT support spend by virtualising your IT environment.

IT Support For When You Need Us

We have team members available to provide you with support 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Do You Want Professional Solutions To Your IT Problems? Contact Us Today

"Thanks guys, we can see that you've reduced our IT spending while massively improving our efficiencies and uptime. We can see the huge value you provide."

− Tom, Dougmal Real Estate

"In over 25 years not a single other IT company has offered the quality of service to us that the team at Aftershock have."

− Jeff Facer, Highland Strata

"Any professional company looking for a quality performer in the IT and Managed Service field only has to look at Aftershock - they have formed a real partnership with us."

− Anna, Southern Sweet Distributors

Fast IT Support Centred on You

We seek to form real partnerships with our clients. We don’t just look to understand their IT but also the way they operate and what’s important to their business. That way when supporting our clients we understand what is truly important to them. We can then provide fast support that gets critical systems back up and you working again as quickly as possible.

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Our Friendly Team

Our team have years of experience in a variety of IT environments. Importantly they are trained to understand that when you’re calling us that you’re after help, not someone with an attitude. We respond quickly to client requests and to explain solutions in a simple manner and then you understand what’s going on and can stay in control.

More Info About Us

We’d Love to Provide IT Support to You

We would love to be considered to be your trusted out-sourced IT department. We specialise in supporting small and medium companies with anywhere from 2 to 50 workstations. We can monitor your systems and in most cases have an issue rectified and back online you even realised there was a problem.

For Superstar Support

Award Winning = Our Team

We’re pleased to be recognised as an award winning business. Our entire team are coached to be friendly, on time and even to explain anything like technical jargon nice and simple and so you understand easily what’s going on and why. We have refined these processes in over 17 years in business.

We Make Ourselves Accountable

Our monthly IT reporting is presented in such a way so as to give you an at-a-glance look into how your IT environment is performing and we also highlight anything we feel needs special attention or improvement.

An Online Customer Portal

When you rely on us, we ensure it’s easy to be kept up to date. We give you your own customer support panel, where you can browse open tickets and where a particular issue may be up to. You can even give us an update on a ticket.

Set Onsite Visits

Unlike many IT Companies you certainly don’t signup only to never see us ever again. Our Managed Services Wollongong programs include monthly or semi-monthly scheduled visits. And you can use those times to ask us any questions you may have or to provide feedback.

IT Support Wollongong – Are You Ready to Stop Fighting Your IT?

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